Move the player touching mid parts of the screen

Hello !

I was wondering how to make this :
I want to be able to move the player on the right while I touch the entire right part of the phone (same for the left)
But : I would like that when I touch the right part and I decide to go left, I don’t have to lift my finger from the right part before touching the left part (I would like that the player is not stopped when I touch both halves at the same time)

Thank you very much

Hello, munh

I don’t know how you are moving the player. So, i did an example and probably you’ll need to modify to your game.
First, I created the objects. The “right” and “left” objects are half the size of the screen and will serve to check if the “Touch” object collides with them to make the player move. Thats the scene:

And thats are the events:

And this is the “Touch” object collision box. It needs to be very small, otherwise your player will stop when “Touch” collides with “Right” and “Left” at the same time.

It’s probably not perfect for your game, but maybe it’s a way. I don’t know if there are simpler ways to do it.