Movement of sprites on a platform

I created the platform.
I have the character hero and enemy with their respective animations.
The hero moves well and changes orientation correctly.
The problem is with the movement of the enemy. I do collide with an object, I change the direction and I apply a force to the other object to collide; when it collides with the latter, I apply a force to the first object.
If I do not do anything the enemy moves well, but hardly when moving the hero, this affects the movement and speed of the enemy, also when the hero jumps the enemy jumps.
Just start and I already find that, can someone help me?
Sorry if there are spelling mistakes in English is that I speak Spanish and use the translator.
Thank you.

You have to disable the “default controls” in the platformer behavior options for the enemy, otherwise you are controlling the enemies too :wink:

Lizard-13 esta en lo correcto, en las propiedades de el enemigo deshabilita los controles por defecto :slight_smile: