Movement problem

Hello everyone again

I’m making a platform game .
When i put

The device has touch screen. > Move mouse cursor when touching sceen (No)

The game control stuck . And without it the game don’t support mult touch.
What is the fix for this guys ?

Also i tried at beginning and without anything.

That’s quite possible if you are using the mouse over condition or the mouse position to move the game control.

Multi touch shouldn’t be reliant on the cursor position on the screen.

Can you provide a screen shot of your events? There’ll be a lot of guesswork going on otherwise.

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Thanks for the reply.
Here is the screenshot for the control

Do you mean i don’t have to use

"Touch or left mouse button is down "

And i should use directly

“The cursor/touch is on (object)”

And like that i can put at beginning

Move mouse cursor when touching screen"no"

Yo support multi touch. Is that right? :slight_smile:

To use multi touch will require a slightly different approach. Check out the multitouch examples to see how it works.

This multitouch virtual joystick and buttons example uses the MultitouchJoystick extension that also offers button controls, which looks to be exactly the thing you’re after.

And this link is to a more general multitouch example.