Moving an object

How can I make moving an object on a grid or in any other way just to meet the conditions:
An object of size 150x150 should not move with some speed / acceleration, but by pressing a button in the next block (the whole map is divided into pieces of 150x150 pixels and the object itself is 150x150)
I want to achieve the movement of an object by pressing a key in the next block and so that the movement is constant, that is, the object jumped into a neighboring cell more than once and could constantly travel (teleport, move) to neighboring blocks, in 4 directions (not 8), without moving along diagonals
Thanks a lot to those who will help

Can you post a screenshot of your events?

make a sprite 150 x150 and name it “tile” and duplicate it all over your grid.
make a sprite 150 x 150 and name it “player”

Do the code:

Left mouse button was released
The cursor/touch is on tile

Put player around tile, with angle 0 degrees and 0 pixels distance

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