Moving and flipping

How can I flip the fish as it collides with platform and move it according to the direction fish facing after flipping?
This is what I did.

Your post sounds like it may not be working. What does it do at the moment that makes you ask how to flip the fish?

It is not working, it flips but once. It flips for the first time when it collides the platform but doesn’t flip the second time.

Does it occur when there’s only 1 fish in the scene? Or when there are multiple fish in the scene? And does it happen all the time, or just occasionally?

with multiple fishes, and it happens all the time.

The events above seem pretty complicated for something relatively simple as flipping due to you using a single object to flip with, but a few things to note:

“For each” events only use “Trigger once” on the first instance of an object. It does not use trigger once on those events on each object. This is obtuse, I know, but the contributors have had conversations about this over on Github about potential changes to how this work.

Because you’re using a single collision object rather than one for left/one for right, here’s what I would do:

(Gordon is your fish, Window is your grassplatform. You’re going to want to use Instant forces, not permanent, as permanent will amplify every frame, unless you really want that)

Here’s that project working: