Moving object not stopping after collision

Can someone please tell me why my Savior object does not stop after it collides with my PlayerShipEndGame object. Both objects are on Z Order = 1. The Savior object moves through the PlayerShipEndGame object and does not stop. My damping on the Savior object is set to 1 because if it is set to 0, it does not move at all. Thank you for your help!

You stop it but you continusly add a force to it, so it keeps moving…

Thank you for your help. But if I put the damping to 0, the object does not move. If I put the damping to 0.1, the object moves and appears to stop when you look at it on the screen, but it won’t collide with another object, and I set it to show a different animation after it is stopped, but it never shows this animation. So apparently, it never actually stops.

Basically, I need to know the simplest way to move an object from Point A to Point B, and make it stop at Point B.

Thank you.

Just add the same condition as the 2nd event in the first event, but invert it