Moving platform

Hi guys i have put a moving object in my game and i have set to go up and down using +1 to and - etc on the y axis however it works perfectly fine and goes up and down , but when i jump on it half way through its smooth going up or down but as soon as it gets to the top or even the bottom my character just starts glitching going bouncing up as the platform moves up

heres a screenshot my character was on the platform all the way down perfect but as soon as it hit the bottom and was on its way back up it like forces him to keep glitchng up till it reaches the top screenshot

it keeps like bouncing him up as if hes on a trampoline lol

please show code is almost impossible to guess what is happening without seeing the code

Heres the screenshotscreenshot2

i also tried it with the force angle , but it does the same thing

Try giving the character the opposite force/speed when he is in collision with the moving platform.

Like when the speed of the platform is +2 give the player a -2 speed, only when he is on floor/or in collision with that platform.

thank you for the reply :slight_smile: i just tryed that but it still jumps, i cant work it out as when it goes down or up its fine its just as soon as the platform hits the collision the box in this case, then it start making me bounce on the platform going higher each time it hits the collision box

You could try changing the sensitivity of when the player changes to the jump animation higher or make it so it will only allow to change to the jump animation only if its not touching the platform.