Moving platforms not working

I know this has been discussed on here before but I couldnt find anything specific to what Im experiencing. Im trying to move a platform between two places. Ive dissected the example platformer, followed a couple of videos, everything seems to be exactly the same. Problem is when I put in the collision, nothing happens. Take away the collision, platform moves, but obviously not properly.

Ive been tearing this down and building it back up for a few hours now and its kinda making me want to set fire to things.

If you include a snippet of the code, then maybe we can offer some help.

When I take out the collisions my object moves but naturally has no behavior…just kinda flies of the screen.

When I take out the collisions my object moves

Wait, how does it start moving if you don’t have a collision? In the template game, the platform starts off overlapping (colliding) with the right arrow object, which kicks off the platform movement.

If you take out the collision, then it shouldn’t be starting at all. So you must be applying a force to it somewhere else. Remove that force application, include the collision event and see what happens.

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Well, good lord. So an object has to be touching another to start an event like this? Well, that was the problem. Never would I have ever have pieced it together. Thank you so much, now I can get to sleep!

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It’s one way to start, and pretty nifty one at that. There are others, like applying a force to the platform object in an event with a “At start of Scene” condition.