Moving the "cursor" by arrows in the event code

I would like to propose to implement switching between lines of events using the Up-Down buttons on the keyboard:

Switching between elements in a line using the Left-Right keyboard buttons:

Now you can open the field for modification by pressing the Enter button, and fix the value by Ctrl+Enter.
I suppose it will be faster to navigate through events, elements in them, to edit the code (than to select with the mouse).


This seems like a logical quality of life change, and potentially a good accessibility one, as there are devs out there who cannot use a mouse, as well as some folks who can only navigate a computer via voice command (and “up” “down” etc would work for them.)


To be honest, I didn’t think about it. Rather, it is the programmer’s habit of using various keyboard shortcuts to work in advanced text editors on code (or IDE) and not using the mouse. But your description further ennobles my proposal. =)

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