[mp3] support?

is it a chance in the future to get compatible to mp3? or other sound related file extensions? I searched the forum, but I didn’t find a topic for it…, if I missed it then push me into, please :slight_smile:

The fact is that mp3 is patented and you have to pay fees if you want to distribute a program using it ( or at least if your product is sold at a large scale ). See : mp3licensing.com/royalty/games.html
Game Develop is internally using free ( free as in freedom ) technologies and these technologies do not support mp3 due to these licensing issues.

but a converter is provided with GD to easily convert mp3 to ogg.

yes, indeed, i am aware of it…, anyway there are programs out there, which provide mp3 support without paying a fee, i think.

you have to load the lime mp3 codec to use it with the program by yourself and place the copy within the program path. the program itself provides only the interface for the codec…

perhaps such behavior can worth a thought in the future.

audacity is such a program for example

on the other hand it’s always a chance that I terribly misunderstood the whole thing :smiley:

(I’ll check the ogg thingy…, never worked with it, maybe wikipedia will be my next page above in the adressbar for now :slight_smile: )

i was myself wondering why mp3 is not supported. but i agree that if it needs licensing then its better not to use it. i wonder if maybe a little pop up by the music file type selection could say we do not use mp3 as you have to pay a license fee for using mp3 file type. :slight_smile:

That’s why it’s not available : SFML, the graphic/audio library used by GDevelop and native games doesn’t support MP3 and not all web browsers supports MP3 for HTML5 games (for the same reason).

think its good that you guys are looking out for us new to developing games. as i would of used mp3 not even thinking is it ok to use. artwork i look for public domain or make myself but never even crossed my mind about the format mp3

OGG is a better format anyway. Less file size with similar quality and it loops better (with mp3 there is 50 microseconds pause at beginning of the file which messes up more intricate looping and can’t be removed).

Funny thing, the only browser which doesn’t support ogg is Internet explorer, which is mainly used by neophytes. Basically 80% of your possible audience.
And unlike firefox, it doesn’t block webgl because it considers your graphix card too old to be stable enough.
(I work on a Nvidia 6200 SE sometimes, and firefox decided it was too old to use a few month ago. No web export for me. Thanks firefucks !! )

But you can use mp3 in GD, with a little trick.

Add an ogg file in the action “play the music on channel”.
After adding the action, double-click on the name of the file in the event page, and rename it in mp3. GD won’t bother.
Then, you can play bgm in Internet Explorer !

For a more versatile solution, create an external event which manages all your bgm.
For each bgm, play the usual ogg file, then add as a subevent :
If bgm not played, play bgm myfile.mp3.

That way, you will hear the bgm either in firefox (which will play the ogg version and ignore the mp3 part) and IE (which will fail to play the ogg, and then wil try the mp3 version).

Note that there is also an experimental feature in the sound manager of the games that will try to find a mp3 file if the .ogg file can’t be read.
So basically, have your event using ogg as usual, but just include a copy of the music in mp3 (using the exact same name for the file, just with the extension that differs. For example: mymusic.ogg and mymusic.mp3) and it should be played if the browser don’t support ogg.

Also, concerning Internet Explorer usage, the analytics of the website said that there is only 6% of people downloading GD that use IE. The rest of the download are made by people using Chrome (55%), Firefox (33%), Safari (4%).

Great extra feature :smiley:

People developing game with GD/GDevApp != people playing games made in GD. I’d be more worried of general browser usage statistics.

Sure, but note that I was more specifically answering to the assertion “Internet explorer, which is mainly used by neophytes. Basically 80% of your possible audience”. :slight_smile:

And so if you want to support musics in IE, put additional .mp3 files next to the .ogg files in the folder of your exported game and it should do the trick for now :slight_smile: