MP3 to OGG file

Hello! I seem to have a problem when i try to add music to the menu screen of the game im working on. I cant seem to find my mp3 file whenever I click “play a music” and my other problem is when i convert it to an OGG file via Gdevelop, i cant find the ogg file itself.

I figured that i could use an mp3 to oGG file converter and it was a huge mistake because when i tested it it sounded like the gates of hell

thanks for the help in advance!

I believe the mp3 file is not displayed for legal purposes, at the time of development mp3 required a license which is not included with GDevelop so you should be not using it unless you own the license personally. It has changed since but to be honest I don’t understand how as to pay for a license is no longer an option any more but they still don’t allow anyone to use it for any purposes, need to contact them if you want to use mp3 :confused:

I don’t know about the converter, sorry.

AAA thank u but i managed to figure things out

Would you mind sharing what you just figured to help the community?

If you want to convert Spotify ogg files to MP3, some 3rd tools such as DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter might help. But in turn, I’ve no idea friend.

This was 6 years ago, people have been able to use mp3 files without issues for years now, no need to answer that post :‎p