MP3 to OGG file

Hello! I seem to have a problem when i try to add music to the menu screen of the game im working on. I cant seem to find my mp3 file whenever I click “play a music” and my other problem is when i convert it to an OGG file via Gdevelop, i cant find the ogg file itself.

I figured that i could use an mp3 to oGG file converter and it was a huge mistake because when i tested it it sounded like the gates of hell

thanks for the help in advance!

I believe the mp3 file is not displayed for legal purposes, at the time of development mp3 required a license which is not included with GDevelop so you should be not using it unless you own the license personally. It has changed since but to be honest I don’t understand how as to pay for a license is no longer an option any more but they still don’t allow anyone to use it for any purposes, need to contact them if you want to use mp3 :confused:

I don’t know about the converter, sorry.

AAA thank u but i managed to figure things out

Would you mind sharing what you just figured to help the community?