Mqtt options in extensions?

I asked awhile back about the possibility of implementing an mqtt client into gdevelop but the consensus was it was too fringe to include in the main build. Would the new extensions structure make it easier/possible to add mqtt functionality as an extension? If it is now possible to add an extension that would connect to a specified server and make subs available as a variable and pubs as a function, I’ll seek out a developer/offer a bounty to pay to have it made. If what I’m asking about is not possible without changing the core build of gdevelop, please let me know so I can give up my dream. Thanks!


MQTT surely sounds possible, if you want to put up a bounty, make an issue on github, find the issue on bountysource and post the bounty from there.

Awesome! Would you have a ballpark estimate for how much the bounty should be? I know library/node.js stuff is written, but wouldn’t have any idea how much time/difficulty (minification?) it would take.

It wouldn’t be that hard I believe, so I’d start with a small value (maybe 5-10$?), and if after 2 weeks no one seems interested you can add a bit more