MSDF Font Support, A potential solution for blurry pixel fonts at large sizes

So I had been looking into this old solution around blurry pixel fonts at large sizes/rescaled sizes: [Solved] Pixel art fonts are fuzzy, text / font blury

While I’ve tested it, and it definitely works, it has been over a year and no better or natively implemented solution appears to have occurred.

However, after some digging, I found this Github project: three-bmfont-text/ at master · Jam3/three-bmfont-text · GitHub

Apparently SDF/MSDF is a way to take TTF Fonts, convert them into vectors during rescale, then display them. Apparently it’s even better on memory/CPU performance than normal bitmap fonts.

The project seems to even have links to other projects that can convert TTF fonts on the fly.

Obviously, I am not a code contributor to GDevelop, but saw this and wanted to share since it seems like a potentially promising fix to an old issue, and one that could help with further optimization for games with lots of text.

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The text is not part of GDevelop but of PIXI so sadly we cannot do anything. Try maybe opening an issue on the pixijs GitHub?

I am an idiot and linked the wrong project. GitHub - PixelsCommander/pixi-sdf-text: Signed distance field text implementation for PixiJS ← Is a project to include SDF into PixiJS.


Also, users can convert TTF fonts to MSDF fonts with a few clicks here:

If the above plugin is viable (pixi-sdf-text), and people thinks it makes sense to go over to github, it seems like this could be a good GSOC idea (or something I could put a bounty on if it doesn’t fit GSOC :smiley: )