multi levels platform + pop up questions HELP


first of all i’m new in using this game maker, but already started working on a simple E-Learning kind of games for school
because i dont have much of time :cry:
i used the platformer that already made, and changed stuff in the layout

i want someone to help me please :frowning: in tow things:
-in how to make a question pop up box that the player should answer to move to the next level (can not enter the next unless his answer is correct)
-how to create levels in the same game (not external) and make the player enter the next level if he choose the right answer, if he didn’t he will be returned to the beginning :question:

:frowning: so really it will be sooo generous of you if you help me

best regards

  1. Question pop up:
    You could simply create an image of such a pop up and use it in a sprite object. You can use a text object for the message so that you can reuse the background sprite for differnet popups. Create another sprite with an image of a button and in the events check if the mouse is over the button sprite and the left button is down. If so switch to the next level.
    (For doing the layout of the popup it is helpful to add a few points to the popup sprite object in the sprite editor and add the button and text at these points via event editor)

  2. Level Change
    I’m not sure if I understood you correctly. You are trying to delete every object from the old level and load the objects from the next level without switching to another scene?
    If so you can create your levels as external layouts and put every object into a group (i.e. “level1”, “level2” etc.) That way on level change you can simply delete all objects which are in group “level1” and add the objects from external layout “level2” (or from “level1” if you want to restart the level).