Multi-Select from Object List for copypasting

Right now I’m polishing a jointed multi-part boss model.

I’m making it in a separate scene so I can preview it on its own and use the movement keys to move it around and check that the model is behaving properly without needing to load and run an entire game scene.

To import it into the scene where it will be featured, I need to copy-paste the objects that comrpise the boss model from this “garage” scene into the actual game level, then copypaste or assemble the boss model, and then copypaste the events. The second and third steps are easy enough.

But my boss model is composed of 27 different objects.

For the first step, I have to select one out of the 27 objects, click copy, go to the game level, click paste, and go back to the garage scene.

Having multi-select in the object list would make it much less tedious.

Have you tried setting your objects to Global Objects that can be used in every scene

Yes I know you can do that, but I’m talking about the object list interface, I don’t think that turning objects into global objects is always the solution for copypasting?

Anyhow I’m going to look more into global objects.

Indeed, multiselection would help in your case.
It might have been easier to insert your boss in your level, then duplicate your scene and clear the scene and events sheet (to use as “garage”).

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But then any changes I made to the garage version I would need to re-implement into the level version… it’d save me the copypasting, but I fear that changing things like hitboxes and points and behavior parameters would be even more of a pain in the coxis

When you’re done drafting the boss, go to the level scene, zoom out, select all objects and copy-paste them to your garage scene (which now becomes the level). All the instance settings seem to be carried over.
Then copy-paste the events sheet.

Thanks, but I already finished the boss model yesterday, now I have to program its behavior which I’ll do directly in the game level, I’ll make a temporary shortcut to reach the boss zone directly so I can test it without actually having to go through the level every time