Multi user enviroment

I work in a school and have been asked to install gdevelop in a few IT suites.

What is the recommened soultion to achive this? I’ve ran the installer which appear to install but I get no options of install path etc

Thanks in advance

Ok, so now i’ve copied the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs\Gdevelop to a network share and created a shorcut to it.
It appears to open loading the editor and I get menu Create, open etc and then after a few seconds it disaapears and I can’t do anything. The menus at the top still drop down but none of the optiosn do anything?

Can someone help please?

Unfortunately, GDevelop is not designed to be launched multiple times at once via the same install. It will always attempt to utilize the current user’s path, so launching it from a network share is unlikely to work correctly, if at all.

It is likely closing out because it cannot access the user’s profile folder nor write to it, and therefore cannot access nor create needed settings or files.

Thanks for getting back to me @Silver-Streak is there a recommended way of using it in computer suites where upto 150 different students use the room during the day?

Would you be able to share a screenshot of this?

I’ve never tried to install GDevelop on a network share, so I wonder indeed how temporary folders are dealt with.

Would you also be able to run the app, open the debugger console (Ctrl+Shift+I or from the menu View > Toggle Developer Tools) and share with us as a screenshot the content of the “console” tab?

Also, I suppose students are log in using their own profile to the computers?

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