Multiplayer game and voice chat

Edited : i have two different type of Question one is about voice chat and the other one is about Gdevelop and send&recieve methods :

I’m working on an android multiplayer game .
(from voice chat I mean something online send and receive voice at same time like any other voice chat in games)
1- I want to know how voice chats works ?

2- I mean is it something from the game engine or an external app or sdk ?

3- can I use Gdevelop to add a voice chat in my game or i should use functions ?(can functions do that in JS ? )

4- is there any way to use the in Gdevelop audio condition and actions for making a voice channel for online voice ? I mean first player says : ‘hi’ and second player hears : ‘hi’

(I have some data in game , a lot actually ,everything that player can wear plus the statics of player and the player character will change when data changes too
I want to use the storage actions and conditions to save my data but I want to send them on my host)

5- can I connect phpmyadmin as my data storing ?

6- what do u think will be better? making another program from Gdevelop and upload it on host then send data from the main program to uploaded program (in this way I can use storage again but i think it won’t work better to try ) or using files or sending json ?

7- can i use the sql in gdevelop ?

8- can i get the ip and mac adress of each player ?

if you have any better way to do these thibgs pls tell me

i don’t have enough information about these thing so , sorry if i said some … in the questions :smile:

and sorry for bad grammer and these things agn :grin:

and thanks for answering . . .

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This will only work if the game is not too “heavy”

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Thank you i’ll check it out . . .

As far as I know there is no events or functions for voice chat. There are some custom extensions that will let you use the microphone, but only locally, the data would not be transferrable via the multiplayer extension.

You could potentially add something yourself but would be coding it via javascript events from scratch.

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yeah i thought about that i think i have to use webrtc (i even don’t know what is that :smile:)
Thank you for answering . . .

written chat is good I think. :thinking:

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yeah but the game is fast and there is no time for typing :slightly_smiling_face:

do you know how to do that?
i have been trying to add a chat to my game.

hi sorry i didnt check the forum for a long time if u still want a chatroom …
i did that long time ago if i found the files i will send it to you
i used 2 ways for that
1 : i used a file that contains every player name then a chat box (i dont know what was the name i think text entery ?) and saved every thing that typed in chatbox in the file wiht the player name when one of the buttons where pressed and then i think i send them to server and again to every player PS: i cant remember i used json file or just a txt file

2 : i used a storage (in app) to store the chats for every player then maked another gdev project and in that i sent the storages data to every player and put the second in server and the first in the player device

i can’t remember the 2nd way resault but the 1st way was success

Srry for my bad english :heart:

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thank you i appreciate it :slight_smile:

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