Multiplayer game (help)

i need to make an online multiplayer game were the players use the same controls to to control there character. the only way i have found to make an online multiplayer game so far is to make the players use different controls to move there character. for example one player has to use WASD to move there character and the other has to use the ARROW KEYS. I want a game where both players use ARROW KEYS. the problem is that when i make the players have the same controls (and add the P2P event: trigger event on all connected clients) they both move. i have tried to fix this but I haven’t been able to. Please help me if you can. thanks

The way I understand a P2P game works is that one is the “server”, and the others are clients. My guess is that the problem stems from one of two possibilities:

  1. The keypress is being sent to the “server” device.
  2. Each player isn’t uniquely identified.

The client should only send updated game information to the server, like a unique identifier for the player and the player’s positional change (and it’s unique identifier). Keypresses should be dealt with by the client and should not be sent to the server.

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yes, but how do i get a unique identifier for the players?

Get the server device to generate the number when they connect.

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I’m using scenes as IDs, every player has a realm in which the other players are avatars reciving controlling signals, moderated by a host player. Well… that is the plan, y have to many characters to finish adding into the game. But if your game has less than 165 characers/skins/looks try it, and please, tell me if it works. Hope it does.

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I’m a bit confused on what you mean. do you have a game like this that you are making that’s works so far?

hey, did you solved it? I’m in the same quest.

I was using that system on a game I’m working on but gave up for now because it was lagging to much.