Multiplayer on bluetooth!

IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE A MULTIPLAYER ON BLUETOOTH? Are you going to add this in the future? When will P2P be stable?

Not really

Probably not, GDevelop is a web game engine and the current Bluetooth accesses provided to browser apps only really allows to connect to special Bluetooth embedded devices, not other devices running the web app, at least as far as I can see.

I (its developer) consider it pretty stable, I don’t think it will get many is any changes in the future and it should be working without problems. Many people are using it without any issues that I am aware of.

I HAVE A BIG P2P PROBLEM, players are in different positions onr another, and what plsyer 1 sees may be very different from player 2.

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That’s more of a lag problem than an actual inner p2p feature problem. What happens is that your character moves with your local trigger but the character on the connected game moves when the event is received, sometimes messages Will get lost if the connection fluctuantes, and anyway the message will never get to the other side faster than your local game triggers the action. You somehow need to create input prediction to compensate for this, but that requires advanced knowledge and I don’t know if it’s posible for someone with that knowledge to make a solution into a expansión usable for everyone.

Doesn’t has input prediction, but I made

How does the realay adapter run on your computer? on mine is very paused an it only connects two players.

As you can see on the adapter comparison page, it is expected for the relay to be somewhat slower and stuttering due to it using TCP sockets. That is due to the UDP sockets libraries for the web not working with docker currently and requires all ports to be open, making it hard to deploy on my servers securely.
Additionally, my servers are in Germany so if you are not in Europe the stuttering will be especially intense.

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Ok, is that also the reason for it to connect only two instances?
Also, how does the geckos adapter work?
I understan that I need to run the server in a computer.
But ¿what do I write on Port? and ¿what would be the IP or URL on the client side?

Thanks for making all of this, I hope I’m not being anoying with all this questions.
By the way, the P2P adapter really does wonders.