Multiplayer Quiz Game With Avatar Customizable Appearance + Animation

Hello there!

I’m fairly new to game development and using GDevelop itself. I have a game concept in mind, but I just want to make sure Gdevelop is the right tool for me to do what I want to do before I get too deep into it!

So I was wondering if it is possible on Gdevelop to create a trivia/quiz type of game, where 2+ players can “start a round” of a set of questions to answer simultaneously (within a given time limit). Then after the timer has ended, the results of all the players in that specific timed round would be displayed in comparison to one another - with a clear winner, along with extra points for speed/accuracy? (I don’t know if I am explaining this well haha - an example is like the game SongPop 2, but imagine it with trivia!) Afterwards, the user would be taken to a screen with a global leaderboard, displaying their total points in comparison to everyone using the app itself.

Other things I want to implement are daily and/or consecutive reward bonuses, and the ability to “add friends” somehow (by linking facebook or other accounts) and referral rewards.

I also wanted to find out if I could make avatars with the option of being customized by the players (eyes, noes, hair, clothes) and also make the avatars animated? (Ex: do a little jig) Ideally, I would like to make a shop where different animations for a user’s avatar could be bought and applied to offere further customization. But that might be pushing it haha!

So are any of these possible?? I’m sorry if any of these are super dumb questions… :sweat_smile: And thank you in advance for any enlightenment you can shed on this humble newbie! :blush:


I don’t think you’ll be able to “add friends” and have referrals, unless perhaps if you’re a javascript master.
Aside from that, I think you’re good to go.