multiple colision masks

I noticed that you can create more than one colision masks (hit boxes)

My questions are:

  • how come I can not rename them?
  • Can I use it in a condition - by name or index - use a specific colision mask?


You can indeed use multiple shapes to create an arbitrary complex collision mask but it’s viewed as a single collision mask for now so no way to distinguish between them.

Can we please add it as a feature to use one of multiple colision masks?

This can be useful in so many situations!

  • part of an enemy can take more damage when hit than other part
  • in a rhythm game, a colision mask is created at one of two or three locations depending on user input. The colision mask is them used to colide with a moving sprite at the right time - to see if player hit the right button at the right time.
    -Eliminate the need to create a collision sprite and hide it - it just takes up more memory
    -Many other examples that can be done in construct2 , but not in gdevelop - because it has that feature