Multiple collision masks for one object?

Can I use multiple collision mask for one object. will it slow down the game. or it is completely fine to do so!

Yes, you can use multiple collision masks on native and web games, but they don’t work “independently”: An object collides with any of the collision masks or with none of them.
It can hit the performance in web platform mainly, if you do a lot of collision checks, with many objects with multiple collision masks, so there should be no problem initially :slight_smile:

Cool thanks!

Hi, @Lizard-13, I am creating a jumping platform using the house sprite above. My character will never go inside the house, it will only jump above the house sprite.

Second photo as below.

So, I want to ask, between the two Photos above, which one is better on the performance?
The one with less area of collision masks or The on with less multiple collision masks?

Second Photo is here