Multiple Hit Boxes with Different Associated Events

Hello, could there be a feature where there are multiple hit boxes and you can choose which hit box you want your events to apply to?

In the game I’m making it would be useful if the enemies had one hit box that was for bumping into objects or the player and another hit box that is for getting hit by a weapon.

Hi, just in case this is a problem you are facing at the moment, you could use different hidden hitbox-sprites on your character-sprite for getting this functionality.

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You can create multiple points like this:

And then use it somehow because these points can be given names and can be accessed through the ObjectName.PointNameX() and ObjectName.PointNameY() but collisions cannot be named hence I don’t know if they can be accessed. I am not quite sure hence you can wait for others to reply. Hope you find a solution :grinning:

Just as drona told, you may create other objects that will be hidden and you can set their position on these pointers and check for collision between the hidden hit-boxes and the object hitting it.

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