Multiple inventories displayed in one screen? Dress up game?


Thanks for taking the time to view my questions. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I have 2 questions…

  1. I was wondering how I could go about creating multiple sort of…inventories show in the example image. If you click on “Next” it takes you to a new section where you can drag and drop new articles of clothing. I was wondering how this can be achieved?

  1. Is there a way that I can tell Gdevelop to remove one article of clothing if another is placed through drag and drop? I attempted to do this with a combination of Collision and Position, and it kind of worked, but it didn’t in the end work without problems.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: I’m like…3 days into Gdevelop, but so excited to have found it!


  1. You can put each page of articles on external layouts, and then show/hide them when the buttons are clicked.
  2. Maybe we can fix those problems. :slight_smile: Describe accurately the problem and copy-paste a screenshot of the related events here.
    You could also use variables to know when items are being worn.


Thank you for responding!

  1. So, would I be using layers? If I hide layers, the elements within them will still be interact-able, right?

  2. I tried doing

Condition: “Top1” is in collision with “Top2” Actions: Change the position of “Top2” (x,y) Change the width and height of “Top2”
Condition: “Top2” is in collision with “Top1” Actions: Change the position of “Top1” (x.y) Change the width and height of “Top1”

It kind of works if I do it for one, but if I have both, it does not work.
Any ideas how I could do this with Variables? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!


  1. There is a condition that checks the visibility of a layer. You can use that to allow interaction or not.

  2. Better show the exact events, not an approximation :slight_smile:
    If you’re on Windows, use the Snipping tool. Press the start button and write ‘snip’.
    Also, it often helps to explain what happens instead of “kind of works” or “it doesn’t work”. You need to help us help you :grin:
    With this said, you should place your actions in the same event, because once Top2 has been moved (first action), it’s not in collision anymore (2nd condition). And I don’t know which (x,y) you’re using, so there might be a problem there too.
    Another option would be to create a copy when you click on it, hide the original in the inventory, and delete the copy when it’s replaced (and show the original again).

With variables, let’s see… if Top1.worn = 1 and Top2.dragged = 1 and left click released and Top1 is in collision with Top2, place Top2 on Top1, and place Top1 on Slot.Active.X and Slot.Active.Y.

I guess you will have to use variables at some point if you don’t want to do everything by hand. :blush:

“Hello, for the first question I don’t think that there’s a limit for adding clothing
For the second one, I think that you can. If it worked the first time it could work again.”