multiple masks - specific mask collision, renaming masks

Currently one can create multiple masks for a sprite. However this is useless since:
-you can not give masks individual names

  • you can not use the mask name as a condition in a collision event.

are there any plans to implement this? Again, I am surprised you can not specify a mask name or tell the engine which specific mask in an animation to look out for. The collision events dont have the option to specify a mask. :frowning:

I try to create a basic game, but keep running into limitations I dont have in the other engines

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Keep going! :slight_smile:
The other limitations you talked me which are in fact already available about recently are, if I’m not mistaken:

  • Fastloop, which are already available as foreach/repeat/while events,
  • animated points, which are already available.
  • “object properties window - show selected object’s name!” which is already shown (just not at the top of the list)
  • Line counting and Groups in the event sheet but it’s not a bug, it’s properly done as it is now.
    I can understand that you can be frustrated not to find all features in the exact same place as the other engines, but please understand that some things are harder to do with GD, and other things are simpler to do this GD.

It’s different :slight_smile: And I think you really consider GD as something that should be a clone of MMF or C2, and this time it is for me that it is frustrating to always have to advocate and explain how one can use GD features to “reproduce” things that could be (sometime badly) implemented in other ones.

Sure new things could be added to GD (shaders…) or made better, but really try to keep going with GD :slight_smile: Can’t name your collision mask? Just put an invisible object at the position of the point of the object to test. You’re the first to ask it, maybe it is not that used after all so you can afford an extra effort for it.

Again, keep in mind that GD is not meant to be a clone of the other products. It’s different :slight_smile:

Can we please add it as a feature to use one of multiple colision masks?

This can be useful in so many situations!

  • part of an enemy can take more damage when hit than other part
  • in a rhythm game, a colision mask is created at one of two or three locations depending on user input. The colision mask is them used to colide with a moving sprite at the right time - to see if player hit the right button at the right time.
    -Eliminate the need to create a collision sprite and hide it - it just takes up more memory
    -Many other examples that can be done in construct2 , but not in gdevelop - because it has that feature

PS: I havent given up. I prefer gdevelop to construct2 and the others because it is:

  • Available natively on linux
  • Can build native games
  • the developers are down to earth :slight_smile:
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I was looking for this feature as well but am guessing it will not be implemented since this is a 4 years old thread.

Things are different now than it was 4 years ago. With the release of GD5 we pretty much started a clean page. You want to request this feature on Trello.

It would be indeed very useful as blurymind described.