Multiple Saves

Hello, I have been attempting to make a small game which has 3 separate save files files A, B and C I understand how to make single saves with relative ease and have already searched the forms however the information I have found at least for me hasn’t helped me to figure out how to do this all save files seem to work sepreatly but when I add them into same game they don’t seem to register changes between the saves I don’t know if I am making a huge error or a small one but I would really like some help if possible in creating multiple saves that can be changed between in main menu.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Some events could help us to find the error, if the events to save work fine separately then there’s a small error in the way you’re merging them.

Tip: File names are dynamic strings, it means you can use expressions on them. You can define a global variable “slot” that stores the current save slot number, then in all your saving/loading events work on the file "my_file_name_“ + ToString(GlobalVariable(slot))
Depending on the slot value, it will read&write in the files “my_file_name_0”, “my_file_name_1”, “my_file_name_2”, etc.

Thanks for your quick reply unfortunately I am already doing something very similar to this which using conditions it checks my globally select save before counting on the list of actions like writing in the specific file named for that save but even then it still doesn’t to work.