Multiple stacked images for sprite objects

Hello everyone,

I know that we shouldn’t compare softwares here, but in other game development tools, we can, when manipulation an objects graphics, stack two images.

For example, I can have the base layer with the enemy running, and then another layer with its gun.
I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do that in GDevelop without the Sprite Object creating another Sprite Object at its position, all the time.

Thanks for any help.

The only way in GD is with two objects, the legs and the top half, and switch both objects animations to run/change weapons. Of course you have to move the top half to the legs position every frame.

This thread may help:

My opinion is, by trying to simplify it, the complications are actually increasing. Independent animations that switch using the same object is possible, and I think that might be more useful in this software since changing animations (i.e. sprites) is built in easily.

So, you could have one for each and just add it as an animation. Syncing the running should be no problem with animation software, such as synfig studio, for example.

So, instead of layers, use animations. Layers can be more generalized, such as “background”, “character”, “platforms”, etc. More detailed stuff should be object dependent.

EDIT: So, just to clarify, don’t tear the player apart with layers, but make it full with each change having its own, full body animation.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile: