Multiple tiles in tiled sprite


i simply want to know if it’s somehow possible to use multiple sprites/ tiles in a tiled sprite sheet. The result I want is a scalable tiled sprite with three different sprite images. I want them to be randomly placed, to get some variance. Would be even great if there is a whole different possibility too deal with multiple random placed tiles, please let me know :pray:t2:

Thx :slight_smile:

No, I dont think it is, you might want to look into tilemaps, as that is close to what youre looking for, if you have the right program

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Not with Tiled Sprite. You could ‘fake’ this yourself. You’ll know how big a tile of a tiled sprite is. And you know how big the stretched out tiled sprite is on screen. You can repeatedly position one of the 3 images (as sprite objects) over the tiled sprite. Do this multiple times in a loop. Something like:

(You need the first create otherwise GDEvelop doesn’t know how wide or tall the Image object is)