Multiple weapons in multiple slots or list

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So, I’m having trouble grasping the variable concept when it comes to weapons. For example I want to create a system where I can have a slot for 8 different type of swords… and 8 different type of axes and 8 different type of spears… I want to be able to swap them out too…

Take for instance I have my swords mapped to the keyboard 1,2,3,4 ect… I want to be able to lets say press q on the keyboard and it toggles the axes slot which also would be mapped to 1,2,3,4 ect and the spears would have the same function. I tried using the “child” variables with structures but cannot figure it out… how would I accomplish this?

So, you need one variable, scene or global, like ActiveWeaponType, and you change its value each time you press Q, and if the value of ActiveWeaponType is 1 and the key 1 is pressed, change animation of sword, if the value is two, change animation of axe, etc.
That’s one way of proceeding, but it depends on how you build your game/weapons, of course.