Multitouch Drag and Drop

Let say i have fruits(object) all over the area,

and i want to drag/drop them inside the two basket… but
i have a trouble doing it because every time i drag
two fruits at the same time,only one of the fruits is successfully drag and the other
one snaps(not moving)…How can i achieve this multitouch.

Im still figuring out how to apply the 'multitouch example on draggable objects,
but until now I had no luck at applying this to my game. This is what I achieve so far…
(im just a newbie)

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Why are you looping through en_enemy1 in the last repeat event block, but testing for the touchId of fruit? That will only give you the touchId of the last fruit object accessed. Shouldn’t you be looping through all fruit instead?

Originally the name of the sprite is ‘en_enemy1’ which i rename it to ‘fruit’ my bad i didn’t double check the image i posted.
But its fine I already solved the problem a day after i post that question.