Hello gdevelop community :slight_smile:
So I wanted to ask. Does gdevelop support multitouch?
I saw here [url]No touch, multitouch, nothing?] That it isn’t supported.
But the home page (See screenshots) I saw it clearly said “Touchscreens support with multitouch for HTML5 games”
So does it now support this? If not is there an extension to do so? I’m trying to make a platformer on my android device.
But I got stuck with the jump button. Then I seen a jump button in the screenshot.
So I thought multitouch must exist someway. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Multitouch is a feature added in the last release :wink:

The new release should be publicly available in a few days at most, until then you can get it from the forum :slight_smile:

Alright awesome! I had gotten it from the homepage. I thought it was the newest version. I just saw the 3.6.79 in the forum. I’ll get that one. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: