Music from Sega Genesis in Gdevelop Implementation?

Open source player with support for VGM music from sega genesis to run on Gdevelop Would an implementation be possible? Someone willing to make the children’s dream come true!

VGM Player open source.

TRAKERS - that export to vgm.


*VGM Music maker - (Over 30,000 genesis instruments included)

Neither are a compatible programming language (must be javascript to work at runtime),
and deflemask is not licensed for redistribution, so it seems like the answer would unfortunately be no.

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With this player would it be possible play songs in vgm format inside gd5 if it were implemented?

Doesn’t look to be a compatible language. This appears made in Java, not Javascript, which are completely separate languages.

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If nothing else, that one may be compatible. The biggest issue is that there hasn’t been any updates in ~12 years.

That said, I do want to make sure expectations are properly being set. In order for a new library to be integrated, there has to be:

  1. Interest from the project maintainers in adding that functionality, or at least okaying someone working on it
  2. A dev or contributor willing to adapt it
  3. The library to actually be compatible (which would require whomever does #2 above to dive through it.)

This doesn’t mean it won’t/will never happen, but I don’t want you going on a wild goose chase under the assumption that because a compatible library exists it will be added to the engine.

All of the above taken into consideration, finding a JS library that does what you are looking for at least makes it possible to happen, so it is at least one step closer.

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