Music Function for Games (in progress)

I want my game to start then it will pick a random music on a selection and it will show text on what song was picked then it will disappear in a few seconds.Then if the music is done playing then it will do the same thing again. (I need it to work between scenes)

I think I need to use channels for it to detect if its done playing but channels will only work if the user has interacted with the game which is impossible in this case so I think I will have to have it start playing when I press a start button.

I have tried doing it with different ways but they all seem to fail and now i’m asking for your help. I appreciate your replies :grin:

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I currently found a way to put the music. The only thing left is the text which is not yet implemented. I will show the code once I’m done.

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I wanna do this to with my game, so I’m bookmarking this.

I found a way for it to work but there seems to be a problem.

It dosent seem to work in messenger or in older devices specifically it only works in computers and phones with at least android 5 (I think) and it also dosent seem work in messenger.

I am going to try and create a standalone project with just this code and see it from there.

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