Music game help 🌹

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I want to make a music game.

When you step on a certain floor for example (red) the music plays and when you step on the black floor the music pauses and when you stand back on the red floor again the music continues and resumes where it was before.

I tried it with one sound like coins sound for example and it was easy but when I wanted it on short music I didn’t know where to start and how.

Any idea how to do this ? or a short example if someone can

Thank you a lot :cookie::coffee:

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I need to use variable? The music will restart and repeat even when i use pause action :sweat_smile:

Use a boolean object variable to track if the sound is paused or not.
When in collision, if it’s false, play the sound and toggle the varible to true.
If it is true, resume the sound.

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Thank you a lot Zutty for your help and time. That’s what i needed :rose::cookie::coffee: