Music not playing in published version of the game

How do I…

So I finished my first game which was supposed to help me learn how the engine works and all and wanted to show it off to my friends, but the version that the link I was given doesn’t play music at all for the Main Menu. Everything else works as expected and the SFX from clicking on the falling coins works too. But never the Main Menu music, which is annoying. And it works just fine in the preview as well so I am lost now.

What is the expected result

Music should be playing in the development web version of the game. Just like the preview.

What is the actual result

No music plays for the scene, even when returning to it from another scene.

Related screenshots

Event code for the scene

Project Link

I had a lot of problems with music too on GDevelop (not intuitive at all for a beginner).

One thing that resolved it for me was to assign it to a channel as a sound.

I read that by default sound won’t play in GDevelop unless an object is interacted with, that is why I set a toggle button.

But what also worked for me was to start play sound on the channel for each scene and then set each scene to stop.

Hope that helps.


Aye, this helped a lot! Thanks for the advice!

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