Mute Game inside the Editor


I noticed i was missing this : having a “always muted” button for preventing the game to play music/sounds.
I’m not talking about gameplay, but dev feature like in Unity.

So i won’t have to listen the same 3 notes each time i Preview my game :smiley:

The button could stand on the top bar, there is plenty of space there for it.

Why not just add idk slider in your project that shows up when you hold F1 for example which allows you to adjust volume of game?

Ofc i can code all of this. It’s what i’ve done previously and this is how i noticed i would prefer a button in the editor because:

  • It means it can be saved in the project so when i come back, it’s still muted
  • The game won’t have any extra code made for debug purpose, that you can forget to remove when it’s publish time
  • If i have to remove it after every publication, it also means i have to re-write it when i’m back to work, it’s losing time for nothing, when i can have this button doing the job

Usually I add an external event to all of my scenes for “Debug” functions. I make it a subevent of a single event that has the condition of “Running as preview”. That way the debug actions will not be compiled into the final game.

You could do the same thing and make the global volume zero. This isn’t me saying “no they won’t implement what you’re asking for”. This is just me giving you a workaround. Because it would be a single event, you could also just make it an extension that you use, too.

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I take your side

I didnt know about this Condition. It was also something i was looking for and about to ask, so i’m glad to find it !

Yes, for sure it will help alot !

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