Mute, unmute button don't works

Let me try to be brief.

I have 1 scene with a mute and unmute button and I used a global variable to change the music and animation. In this scene it works perfectly. When I move to another scene with the button muted it also works. However, when I switch to another scene with another song, the volume is quite different from the previous scene. I used this command that I will put below.


Have you tried play a sound instead of music?

Unless I read it wrong, it looks like you’re toggling a Boolean variable and then using it as an integer for the volume. Booleans are true or false (they also show as 0 and 1) The volume also goes from 0 to 100.

Where you set the volume, you could set the volume variable to either 0 or 100 (or 0 or 10). I’m not sure why you’re using 2 Booleans. You could combine the events to just one true and false.

Here’s how I would do.

Note: mouse button released only triggers once so a trigger once isn’t needed
Whether mute is true or false the volume needs to be changed after the variable. So, the set volume actions can be used just once without any extra conditions. ( as a sub event of the button release it’s already set to only happen once)

Edit: I also switched to animation by name, it’s much easier to understand when it’s a name instead of a number.