My character doesn't act the same when testing on phone and on PC

Hi !

I’m actually making a phone game where the player will walk automatically.
When we touch the screen, a jump begin.
Problem : my player slide walls on pc, but when i’m testing on phone, he jumps but never slides, (he falls along the wall)

Any help ? This situation is really weird and has no sense, this is why I really would like to understand :confused:

Why is the action simulate pressing "jump" key have the word jump in quotes? Why haven’t you used image, without the quotes.

Can you explain what you mean by (and the difference between) slide walls and fall along the wall?

Oh yes I actually changed it, but this is the same :confused:

When I launch a preview on PC, I can jump against the wall, and I will slow down (the max falling speed change)
But on phone (tried on other phones), the player seems to ignore the “slide” option and will fall with his normal falling speed. It seems like he’s ignoring the collision because I also tested to make the wj myself (by changing the max falling speed when he is in col with the wall) and the same problem appear

Can we see the events that detect the slide and change the falling speed?

I use it through the Advanced platformer movements Behavior, but when I tried it manually, it looked like that : (from a video but this is the same)

that’s what makes me think the problem doesn’t come from it :confused: