My character have to shoot some fireball thing. Problems!!!!

Problem 1. The fireball doesn’t appear after a couple of tries. it gets disappeare (in the middle of the air) by itself, all of the fireballs
Problem 1. the fireball changes direction (still changing direction, after having object variable LeftRight) when the character changes direction when in attack (when the variable attack is 3)

1 - I can’t see any event to destroy the fireball, try to set the fireball Z order to a higher value, maybe the fireball doesn’t disappear but just get occluded by other objects in the scene (fiball has Z = 0 by default, and a background with Z = 1 will occlude it, for example).
Do the fireballs have the “Destroy outside screen” behavior?

1 - The events to change direction (16 and 17) are launched every frame on every fireball, every fireball will be moving to the same direction depending on the current value of “Left Right” (can you use spaces in variable names? That is new for me).
To fix it, move the actions that add the force (16 and 17) to the events 15.3.1 and 15.3.2 respectively, and set a force damping = 1. This way you create the fireball, and automatically add the force only to this fireball, the force will be applied one time, so you have to set damping = 1 (force never decreases).

Thanks bro! I have been suffering from this problem since the last two days. It is new for me too but yea apparently we can use space in variable name. I didn’t understand how the logic of second problem will work. But I get what you are saying. I will try this.And also I added the destroy when outside the screen behavior to the fireball. And last thing I am doing this in external events
Thanks again.