My character move upward everytimes i change of animation

Hello everyone, i am facing a problem with my animations in Gdevelop 5. I Created 3 sprites , for run, iddle and attack. And i followed the code from youtube tutorial. The problem it is, everytimes my character start a new animations, he moves up first and then he starts animation. I checked the collision box but everything is ok, so i have no idea whats wrong with my code.

Are all images of your animations exact same size?
Platformer behavior don’t like different size images

I think no, some of pictures are a bit smaller than others. There is a way to resize the picture automatically in g develop 5?

To show my problem

Ok so i changed the size of my sprites, and the collision mask. It slightly better but i still have the same problem, my character still go upward everytimes he changes of animation.

Try checking your X and Y Point of your sprites
Be sure to check all the sprites and animation some sprites or frames may have different point.

IF it did help i would redo animation images to be exact same size
And have exact same collision mask and add it as new object to see if it fixes the issue