My code isn't functioning even though it should

I’ve created this code. It goes from the loading bar to a start up screen to the title screen.

However, it doesn’t function as intended. The loading bar works fine, but then it shows the title screen sprites for a second or two and THEN goes to the startup screen. And then it doesn’t switch to the title screen either, it’s just stuck on the startup screen. I’m not sure why? It should work fine.

Please help

if you have a condition that has a timer, it will start the timer by default, if there was no timer running at this point.
this means your timer “Logo” will start on frame 1, not when the animation is finished.

to avoid this, you need to reset and pause the timer at the beginning of the scene
and unpause it, when the animation is finished.

I’ll try that. thank you!

Begin of the scene
Hide logo
Play logo animation
Reset timer “Logo”
Pause timer “Logo”

In your check event for the animation to finish add a Trigger Once too like
The animation of Loading is finished
Trigger Once

It all works great, thanks for your help, both of you!