My collisions arent working

I started working on some of the later levels of my demo when level ones collisions stopped working Ill let ya’ll know if I fix it but for now HELP

I think you need to describe the problem in more detail, otherwise no one can help you.

Hi, please share some screenshots of your game so we can help you better.

This is my code sorry if its messy. Im using the Browser version btw

I figured out one of my two problems I cant figure out why my door collision isnt working

Well there is a lot of things can cause this but mainly is how you’re moving your Wizard, you can try to ad custom movement so you don’t have to force the Wizard to move in X/Y and let the behavior calculate the position for you.

Sometimes if you force the player or in this case the Wizard to move to and unpassable object, well that happens.

Other option is to move your player with force

As @UlisesFreitas wrote, it is better to use behavior to move the player. If I’m not mistaken, the Top-Down Movement behavior is fine in your case. If you move the player by changing position, then you will teleport him to a specific point, this can lead to undesirable consequences.

I figured out what I did Wrong I forgot to change the names of the Scene Changing for my Door. I feel really stupid now

It happens. It’s good that you figured it out. Good luck =)