My condition and events in the game refuse to work

My game is one that revolves around recycling trash. The player drags trash into the correct bin. I tried making this work but was unable to can some please help me.
This is what I have done at the moment, how do I fix it ??

Thanks in Advance

Is the screenshot an external event? If yes then you need to “include” the events somewhere in the game’s scene events sheet using “Link” event.

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Yes it is an external one, How would I do this.
Is there ay chance you can show me?

When you created the external event it should ask you what event you want to use it in. If you need to check, just click the spanner icon at the top right.
So after adding the events you want, go back to the scene you want to include the events sheet in, in my case it’s NewScene events sheet.
Click the Plus icon and choose Link.
It will ask the name of the external events sheet, just type it. In my case it’s NewExternalEvents

Now, you should be able to delete the bottle object when you drag it to bin.

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