My created object are invisible but being created Sort by

My created object are invisible but being created

If you are using the “Create Object” event action, please note that they’re created at Z-order 0. If you have a background image or any other objects infront of z-order 0, your created object will be beneath those.

You can fix this by adding the “Z order” action within the same event as your create object, then settin the z-order the same as the highest level of your objects, or the same as your hero character. Whatever makes sense.

Many people already had this problem.
Maybe we can set the default order to 100 when creating an object or add a field for the order as it already exists for layer? @Bouh @arthuro555
So nobody misses their objects behind the background anymore and often it saves an extra action.

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I don’t like the idea of setting default z order to 100. I think that will cause just as many problems, they will just be opposite problems: items will be visible in the wrong way rather than not visible.

I do like the idea of having a field option for z order on creating object. I still make the mistake sometimes and it’s a good reminder that might help.

I don’t think we should force anything because it’ll cause just as many issues.

I think the easiest fix is just to change the event sheet description to “Create object at Z Order 0” or mention it in the actual action description.

Then, long-term fix would be adding a parameter to populate the Z Order at time of creation.

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My exported project is completely blank can you help with that