My game already shows an ad even though it's not already publish am i gonna get banned by admob?

DO they consider it as a selfclick??
my game is almost done i just need to finish all levels :frowning: and i starting to think why ads is already showing app even thou it’s not publish i’m overthinking if admob or adsense is gonna ban me and consider it selfclick :frowning:

i put the screen shot of the video cause i can’t upload it as a video

example the banner ads at the buttom of my main menu

Ads show when the game is exported to apk and the device is online.
Feel free to remove your Admob ID for now, it’s easier to get banned than unbanned.

As long as you are in test mode you should be fine. If not and you continue you may get banned. AdMob is not a GDevelop product though, you would have to ask their support for more details.