My game crashes when you change the scene several times

Hi, I appreciate your help to my problem. I am developing a game gdev, but changing scenes several times in the game crashes.

The game is as follows:

thank you

I tried it and it does crash for me too. Could you put the project folder in a zip file and provide a link? If you don’t want the project files to be publicly available here, you could PM the link to me, or anyone else offering to take a look that might be able to help.

Also, does it do this while it’s still on your computer? Different browsers?

It seems it’s a bug in the physic system that can’t instantiate more pointers to work.

Thank you very much to both, discovered the problem, the problem is actually with the physical engine versions 4 gdev on when there an object with physical engine performance scenes, you can not change more than 5 or 7 times scenes, the solution for me was to use version

It is not 100% compatible, modifying the project can continue working.

Thank you very much for your help

That’s not really a solution, just a workaround. Are you sure you use the “change scene” action and not the “pause and play scene” action to change scenes ?

If you use the change of scenes, but hangs both ways. Possibly a bug in version 4 of gdev, you can try creating two scenes with a physical object in each, to change more than 5 times about the game crashes.

In version 3 works, but now I can not open my file .gdg me the following error when trying to open my project appears

thank you!

The project files are not compatible between version 3 and 4.

To me I was working with some changes, but now I can not open in any of the two versions, which will be the problem?


victor: Has Box2D had any updates since the release that’s in the current GD? If so, would it work for users to get things like Box2D and Pixi.js from their respective websites and drop them in manually? Those 2 things are the only things I’m seeing any kinds of errors in the Firefox debug console with the game. Of course the Pixi.js message is just pointing out that it’s an older version, not really an error.

Jose: Do you have a backup of the project files from before trying it with version 3? If not, the autosave in the file you sent me still works.

Thank you very much, for now I will work with version 3, then I’ll see what Pixi and box2d,
I did not know what the autosave works, many thanks if it works !!!