My game freezes when loading between scenes?

Hey, My game has started to freeze when loading in between scenes. I can load up each scene separately and run them just fine but for some reason they won’t load when I advance from scene to scene while inside the game. This has never happened before and I have never had an issue with this previously. I just booted up the game one day and it stopped working properly.

When the game tries to load in between scenes it cuts to the GDevelop loading screen, which it normally wouldn’t do, and it acts like its trying to load but it never gets anywhere. Ive sat waiting for it to load for about 20 minutes and it doesn’t ever get anywhere.

Any clue as to why it would just one day stop cooperating?

can you show the events that lead to the scene switch, as well as the ones that run at the beginning of the second one? Also, do you by any chance have any 3d models in the game?

Other possible problems could be endless while loops or events that can not execute because they get stuck. I saw this when Firebase authentication or Firebase calls didn’t work and there was no event to catch this (was with an older GD version).

Here are the events for one of the scene switches from main menu to level selection

I’m not exactly sure I understand what you are referring to. What is Firebase authentication or Firebase calls? I have been working in this game for a while so I started with an older version of GDevelop but I have been keeping up with the updates. Maybe something got a little messed up one day after an update?

Firebase is just a way to remotely store and change info, so you probably arent using it. However, are there any repeat events? Also, since you are doing the same action on similar objects, maybe use an object group? Saves me tons of time.

Is this happening when the action "Pause the scene and start “LEVEL SELECTION” is called?
If so, the difference between starting the scene directly from GDevelop or going into it from another scene would be that you stop the previous scene. What happens if you don’t stop the scene and go directly into LEVEL SELECTION?

From your description and screenshots I am not certain what is happening, but I try to help with debugging