My game has a problem

hello some one can help me pls My game has a problem with level selection. Why is it that when I unlock level 2, level 12 is also unlocked? I don’t understand. I took the sample code from the Gdevelop forum and modified it. But why did it come out like this? Can you help me fix it?

The example I adapted : GDevelop 5

I believe your problem might be here:

I was going to say exactly what Levio said. There seems to be 2 lines for each level with the same number repeated 4 times. Each set should match. It’s difficult with all those events and the letter l looks like a number 1.

My advice would be to look for a different example. I’ve never made a level select menu but that example is severely inefficient.

If for each object and for each child were used that could probably be done in 1 screen.

I wish I could help. I honestly think you should look for a different example. Search this forum and check the other examples.

It would probably be good to finish this and learn from it but then look around.