My game is glitching!

Hi. I don’t know why, but my game glitches every few weeks. When it glitches, most of my sprites disappear and become crosses in red circles. When that happens, I have to create my sprites again. This is the third time it has happened. When my game started glitching a few weeks ago, I had left Gdevelop open for a few hours. I’m thinking that maybe my game glitches because Gdevelop was open for too long. Lots of my sprites have to be created again. Please help me solve this problem. :pensive:

Edit: Also, I used a font for the title of my game. The title is not glitching, but the font does not work now. I tried making the title again, but the font still does not work.

Does restarting GDevelop fix it?

No. Unfortunately, restarting Gdevelop doesn’t fix it.

Are you using it on browser or do you have the software installed? what kind of folder is the project in? Gdevelop will not delete your files, so something else likely is deleting them

I have the software installed.

Is there anything else I can do to put my sprites back rather than creating them again?

A few of my sprites are from the asset store and when I try to put them back it doesn’t work

what do the assets look like when they’re bugged?

Hmm, it appears the images are getting deleted, which gdevelop wont do. Are they completely deleted from the project folder? If they are still in the folder, it should take one step to get all of them back

I have managed to put them all back because they were in the folder.

But who would delete my sprites, and why?

Hmm, there is the possibility of malware, did you happen to install anything? It’s also possible that Gdevelop is somehow forgetting where the files are stored.

Hi. I just realised that my hame was getting glitches because sometimes I accidentally delete some of my sprites. I remembered that my game got glitches the last time because I deleted a folder that I didn’t think I would need. Thanks for all your help. I’ll be more careful next time. :pray: :blush:

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