My game is gone

I need help with a recovery of my game, my computer was laggy so I saved the game, exited, and got back into GDevelop. I did not save as, but instead relied on the autosave system because I was getting right back on and was not adding another file to my computer. When I returned, it cxlaimed that the file could not be opened. All my other projects work, but not this one. What’s going on, and if it’s unfixable, can I get a ,od t do some kind of recovery?

Autosave only occurs upon preview, and I believe the game has to be manually saved once before as well.

Unfortunately if both of those were not completed, I’m not sure that you can recover that data.

Ok. We will try again, and next time be sure to make backups I guess. Thank you.

You might think about setting up a Github account and using Github desktop to back up your stuff. It’s completely free.

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